DCF Blood Camp 2 with Red Crescent [14th November, 2012]

After the huge inspiration from “Blood donation Camp 1”, Doridro Charity Foundation decided to re-launch Blood Donation camping, but this time in accordance with Red Crescent Society in AIUB. It was a huge success. Total 186 persons donated blood for a noble cause to save a life. Thanks a lot to Minhajul Amin and Linkon […]

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Mission Hatia [18th to 22th October, 2012]

A destructive Cyclone caused severe damage to the Chittagong, Noakhali and Bhola districts on 11th October 2013, Wednesday night and early Thursday in Bnagladesh. At least 10 people were killed and scores injured as cyclonic storms lashed Chittagong, Noakhali and Bhola districts. Several hundred fishermen also went missing and hundreds of houses were damaged during […]

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DCF BLOOD Camp 1 with Shandhani [12th October, 2012]

Every year lots of people suffer from various injuries. It can be caused due to accidents, injuries, operations etc. It is obvious that blood can be collected from family members and relatives. But most of the time collecting blood from family members and relatives is a big challenge. The reason could be limited time or […]

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Project “Alor Prodip Jalabo Bole” [1st September, 2012]

It was an Event named “Alor Prodip Jalabo Bole” with CCP Foundation. From Doridro-Charity-Foundation, we gave contribution to the CCP Foundation School for making approximately 160 dresses and we completed our event very successfully at CCP Foundation School, AjampurKacha Bazar, Uttara, Dhaka. The motto of this event is creating enlightenment in the country through our […]

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Ashar Tori [20th July, 2012]

Rainy season of Bangladesh causes more or less Flood every year. In 2012 villages of Bangladesh have affected by Flood devastatingly. Considering the situation, we decided to serve aid among flood affected area but at the beginning we could not arrange the aid and when we got ready to provide relief to any of the […]

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Project “Happy Face-1” [7th July, 2012]

Virtually in Face Book we are connected with too many groups. Among them we found a group “Change The Lives” who works with street child at Airport Railway Station, Dhaka. They feed the children; teach them etiquettes and basic education. This is an organization for the youth of Bangladesh. It aims to promote the youth […]

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Life Aid-1 [18th May, 2012]

On last 12th February, 2012, there are almost 21 families who have lost their everything by fire burnt. Through Shah Mohammad Kamal and Engr. Md. Aminul Hoque , on March 2012 we came to know about village Ulat, Shujanagor Thana, Pabna has burnt  21 family and 100 people become sufferer due to the fire. We […]

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Workshop on “SELF AWARENESS & HUMANITY” [16 March, 2012]

—A small effort  to make a smile on the faces of helpless poor people—   A workshop on “SELF AWARENESS & HUMANITY” has been held in the AIUB campus 5 with the joined effort of Service Civil International Bangladesh(Dhaka Unit) and AIUB Performing Arts Club. Thanks to our President Mr. Mahbubur Rahman Shahin and Vice […]

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Mission Winter Care 1 [27th December, 2011]

Every time whenever there is an incident such as natural calamity, fire, destructive events occurs the most affected people are the poor or who lives below the poverty level. They have no way to recover themselves from these disasters. The persons who are wealthy enough can easily help them. But sometimes they do not want […]

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