Mission Winter Care 1 [27th December, 2011]

Every time whenever there is an incident such as natural calamity, fire, destructive events occurs the most affected people are the poor or who lives below the poverty level. They have no way to recover themselves from these disasters. The persons who are wealthy enough can easily help them. But sometimes they do not want to or sometimes they do not have the scope to or sometimes they wished but never had the chance to help them. There must be someone who will lead to help them with honesty, modesty, punctuality, and will be responsible. This was the dream of our President Mr. Mahabubur Rahman Shahin. His dream was to give a glow of happiness among the helpless poor people. So he decided to create an organization where the goal of everyone should be voluntarily help each and every helpless people. With his extreme desire which inspired some of his friends they decided to create an organization named “Doridro Charity Foundation”.

The first task for this organization was to distribute warm cloths and blankets among the  poor people of Nilphamari District, Rangpur Division. The temperature was below than 6 degrees. It was very cold. The people of that area can not even afford to buy cloths for themselves. Some of them even had died due to this unbearable cold. The fund had been collected from AIUB campus, Lake city. The total amount collected was 1,11,000 taka. In this event DANIDA supported us and donated 25,000Taka. With this money 500 blankets was bought. And 86 bags of warm cloths was collected form Lake City.

Thanks to all the volunteers who worked hard to make this event successful. Thanks to AIUB for supporting us. A special thanks to Lake City Concord Management and DANIDA. Also thanks to Kamal Mohammed Shah, Santo Sayeed & Khaled Manan for their wonderful support. Thanks to ATN Bangla media and Radio Today for being the media partner.

Hope this is just the beginning for DCF,,its goal is to help each and every helpless people.

Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something