DCF BLOOD Camp 1 with Shandhani [12th October, 2012]

Every year lots of people suffer from various injuries. It can be caused due to accidents, injuries, operations etc. It is obvious that blood can be collected from family members and relatives. But most of the time collecting blood from family members and relatives is a big challenge. The reason could be limited time or availability of required blood group.   Most of the people need blood in emergencies. Sometimes it is seen that the required blood group is not available in the hospital or in nearer blood banks.

As we all know that our Blood cell dies after 4 months of its production, so if we donate our Blood that could save a life because it reproduces within 4 months. Some people may think that donating Blood can affect their body. But in some researches it has been found that donating Blood is good for health. It strengthens our body and improves the functioning of Blood production.

Doridro-Charity Foundation in accordance with Blood Soldier & Shandhani S.S.M.C. Unit decided to launch their first blood donation camping in Ramna Batomul, Dhaka. This includes the facilities of free Blood Group checking and donating Blood willingly. The contact information of the donor has been kept for future reference so that whenever there is an emergency the person can be contacted for donating Blood to save a life.

Thanks a lot to all the people who donated Blood willingly and free of cost to save a life. And also thanks to all the DCF members for participating in this noble cause. Special thanks to Blood Soldier & Shandhani S.S.M.C. Unit for helping us to collect Blood and raise awareness among the people and inspiring them to donate Blood.

Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something