Life Aid-1 [18th May, 2012]

On last 12th February, 2012, there are almost 21 families who have lost their everything by fire burnt. Through Shah Mohammad Kamal and Engr. Md. Aminul Hoque , on March 2012 we came to know about village Ulat, Shujanagor Thana, Pabna has burnt  21 family and 100 people become sufferer due to the fire. We thought to give them support as per our capacity and capability thus they can recover the loss and can survive by their permanent earning sources. We were trying to help them as per our ability & asked help from all of our friends’ & family to make us successful.

We thought to provide them such kind of support by which they can survive & find the way to earn money to run their family. It was not possible for us to help them all but we were trying our best to help n support them all. We thought to give them the Aid as per our fund. We knew we’ll be able to help at least 7 to 8 families and 20-30 People Insha Allah.

We were thinking what we can do or what arrangement we can make for them. First we thought to give them sewing machine but we were confused whether that would be proper solution or not. Then we have selected a local committee there in Ulat and investigated about their earning source. We surveyed and found that the Rickshaw Van will be the best solution for them. We have requested the Ulat local committee to find out the most poor families who need the immediate aid and by their help and support 6 families were selected.

Then we named the event ‘Project Phoenix’ and started to collect fund for them. We have requested our friends and families to come forward for the endeavor. The response was so poor but we decided to make the project successful any how. Personally we have given fund as per our capability and managed the amount of 6 Rickshaw Van. Then we requested our local committee of Ulat to buy the van and organized the event to distribute those.

Then one thing we noticed that if we donate the van at free of cost, some of them can sell that easily. Nothing Free is good and valuable at all. So that we decided to give those in return of buying price through one year 35 BDT/day. After one year the van will be their own and with the refund money we will make another endeavor like Project Phoenix.

Alhamdulillah the Pabna Event has done successfully on 18 May 2012 at Ulat , Pabna. We were really happy for being part of such good deed.

We, Md.Aminul Houque,Md. Mahbubur Rahman  Shahin,Md. Shanto Syaeed, Md. Khaled Masrur Manan & Mrs. Shamim Ara Nipa started for Pabna at 4:30 am & We have reached Pabna at 9am and event has started at 10 am. First of all we introduced ourselves to villagers and the locality. We discussed about our plan and goal. The people have trusted us and by signing the rules and regulation , they have got their vans.

Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something