Workshop on “SELF AWARENESS & HUMANITY” [16 March, 2012]

—A small effort  to make a smile on the faces of helpless poor people—


A workshop on “SELF AWARENESS & HUMANITY” has been held in the AIUB campus 5 with the joined effort of Service Civil International Bangladesh(Dhaka Unit) and AIUB Performing Arts Club. Thanks to our President Mr. Mahbubur Rahman Shahin and Vice President Shiduzzaman Shanto and Secretary Khaled Masrur Manan. Special Thanks to the trainer Shamim Ara Nipa, Councillor and Treasurer of Service Civil International Bangladesh (Dhaka Unit) and also Kamal Mohammed Shah, Secretary of Service Civil International Bangladesh (Dhaka Unit).


Service Civil International is one of the world’s largest international volunteering organization with ninety years of experience in coordinating short and long term volunteering projects. Through volunteer exchanges we help break down barriers and prejudices between people of different social, cultural and national backgrounds and promote cultures of peace.


In 1920 a small international group gathered to repair a war-torn village on the French and German border. This first action started a movement of international volunteers called Service Civil International (SCI). it’s mission is to promote social justice, sustainable development, international understanding and solidarity, through voluntary service. SCI believes that voluntary work can be a useful tool as part of the process of education for peace and international understanding.


They inspired our member of Doridro Charity Foundation to work as a volunteer with the same motive. Insha-allah with the help of Allah we are ahead with this dream to make a smile on their faces of those who probably smiled or thanked Allah only having a piece of bread for a meal. Please join us and support us and help us that we can help others!


The main motive of this event was to aware people about what is humanity, why we should help people, who we are, what is our duties and responsibilities etc. The trainer Shamim Ara Nipa, explained each and every points briefly and showed us the reasons. She mainly focused on helping others but not because of some one is pressurizing us or just to show off but we should do that for our own mental satisfaction because this is our responsibility. Our duty as a human is to help the helpless ones.


Alhumdulillah we have everything what a person may need. But just think about those people who don’t even know when they will be able to eat again or sleep in a mattress or wear a new dress or can be able to read and write or will have a beautiful and happy life.


Please help us and join us and support us to fulfill their dreams, the dreams of helpless poor people. Can’t we make their dreams as ours and fulfill them…!!!

Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something