Ashar Tori [20th July, 2012]

Rainy season of Bangladesh causes more or less Flood every year. In 2012 villages of Bangladesh have affected by Flood devastatingly. Considering the situation, we decided to serve aid among flood affected area but at the beginning we could not arrange the aid and when we got ready to provide relief to any of the flood affected area, the situation began to remain under control. First of all we target the Manikganj area but as per the flood condition we canceled our relief program but we were not convinced by the situation. In the mean time the flood condition began to dreadful again. Then we made our mind to go to remote area for serving relief but our fund was not enough for an area. At that time we found two other face book group, Amjanata and light of life with the support of Sir Salimullah Medical Shandhani team and Jamalpur Red Crescent team that were going to serve the aid to Dewangon, Jamalpur. We talked with them and informed them about our desire and they became ready to work with us.

We named the event “Ashar Tori” and for all, our Friends and family, Then we conveyed the massage to support us “By the grace of Almighty, we are going to help the flood affected people of Dewanganj, Jamalpur. We need your support to make this event successful. For your contribution, please find our bank details and contact with our members for your participation. Your little support can make us successful.” We got more or less support and financial aid and saline from our friends.

We decided to distribute Rice, Saline and water purifying tablets and provide medical check-up among flood affected people. We prepared our aid for 800  flood affected people in 3 areas at Dewangonj. The Jamalpur Red Crescent team helped us a lot. They surveyed and enlisted the underprivileged people to whom we may distribute the relief.

We 37 people of DCF, Amjanata, Light of life, Shandhani started for Dewanganj on 19th July,2012 by train and reached there at night 12am on 20th July.. After having our dinner we started to pack the rice in small bags and then we seated for our next day plan , after fixing all criterion,we went for rest. At Morning we noticed Dewanganj is such a nice area but flood made that so poor. We found there road level flood water. We started for distributing the relief at 8 am in 3 different teams and completed distribution in such organized way. The local help was tremendous and we found people wait for us and after meeting us they were so glad, their eyes were full of hope and bliss though the aid was not enough for them. It was our pleasure that we could contribute our best effort for them though it was so little according to the overall condition. By evening we have completed our program Alhamdulillah. The project “Ashar Tori” has completed successfully.

Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something