Project “Happy Face-1” [7th July, 2012]

Virtually in Face Book we are connected with too many groups. Among them we found a group “Change The Lives” who works with street child at Airport Railway Station, Dhaka. They feed the children; teach them etiquettes and basic education. This is an organization for the youth of Bangladesh. It aims to promote the youth leadership through constructive engagement in society and initiate the changes in the lives of the disadvantaged populations. When we found them to do so, we decided to take part with them and discussed and shared our desire to them. The group cordially invited us to spend a day with them.

Again we asked help from our friends and family to collect fund and arranged fund for the noble deed. We named the event ‘Happy Face’. We decided to feed them lunch and distribute mangoes among them. Though it was a one day event but it was a beginning of knowing street children so closely.

On 7 July 2012, We the DCF members,Md. Mahbubur Rahman Shahin,Md. Khaled Masrur Manan, Mrs.Shamim Ara NipaMr. Shuvodip, Shah Mohammod Kamal,Md.Shivvir Ahmed Rocky,Md. Sanaullah Habib , Md. Shanto Sayeed,Md. Nazrul Islam, Ms. Shuvro Puspo Sonia and so on, reached at the Airport on 1pm. The children who roam around the Airport, gathered one by one. There were almost 100 children and lots of volunteers who are their volunteer teachers organized them in rows. We introduced ourselves to the Face Book group members and the children. We discussed about our plan and goal and exchange our feelings. The group of children welcomed us so warmly. We have chatted with them long and then all of us have gone to Hotel for feeding them lunch. After having their lunch, we distributed them mangoes. Around 4 pm we have finished our event.

The joy and glow of the children was precious. They who starves for their fundamental needs regular, it was gigantic for them to have such lunch and fruits. We believe until we make sure the fundamental needs for such street child, our nation can not be developed and move forward in proper manner. They are our children. It’s our duty to guide them and help them to survive in all respect. It was our pleasure to spend few hour with them and knowing their lifestyle and agony. We dream that, one day we will make them live a standard and happy life. Project ‘Happy Face’ has Accomplished Successfully Alhamdulillah. Thanks to all who were always being there to make us Successful and the event done.

Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something