Project “Shanto Tragedy” [6th July to 28th October, 2013]

Domestic violence is a coming phenomenon in Bangladesh. Poverty is the main cause & that brings a lot of sufferings in our life. Santo a child of 8-10 years is the tragic example. Santo demanded money to his father for buying chips that’s why his father who is a peasant become angry & cut off his son’s two hands. The poverty destroys all of the human nature & make like a beast. The accident broadcasted to the media. Some days later DCF decided to do something for the child. They managed a donor to help the child financially. From June 5 to August 10 DCF Financially supported shanto by providing 9000 tk. At the same time DCF managed a donor who took away shanto USA for his physical treatment on 22 October. Of all the activities were done by the supervision of the advisor of DCF Major Mizanur Rahman Khan.   

Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something