Mission Winter Care 2 [25th December, 2012]

In Bangladesh, every year during the winter season people suffer from unbearable cold. The scenario is worse in the North side of Bangladesh. There, the minimum recorded temperature was below 4 degrees last year (2012). This year (2013) it became 3.2 degrees. The people living in that area are so poor that they cannot even afford to buy cloths. It is impossible to live for the people of that area without warm cloths. Many of them even suffered to death.

Doridro Charity Foundation decided to distribute blankets and warm cloths in the Rajarhat, Kurigram of the North Bengal. Total fund collected for this mission was 1,24,000 Taka. With this amount 500 blankets was bought and 3 cartoons of cloths was collected. This was done with the initiatives of our President Mr. Mahabubur Rahman Shahin. Some members who were involved in this event were Mrs. Shamim Ara Nipa, Ms. Sayda Sultana Apu, Ms. Tasnuva Tarin Synthia, Ms. Sharmin Rahman Madhuri, Maliha Tasnim, Md.Mizan Khan, Md. Hasan Songgit, Mr. Partha Roy,Mr. Linkon Kundu, Md. Amjad Jewel, M.A. Samium Basir, Mr. Shuvo Dip,Md. Nazrul Islam & Md. Ahsanul Kabir Adil.

In this event the media partner was RADIO TODAY. The event was successfully accomplished on 25th December.

It was not possible to distribute blankets and warm cloths to all the people but we at least tried our level best to distribute as much as we could. If every one of us comes forward and does any help to the society that can surely bring a change in our country. It should be done for humanity. It is our responsibility. Only we can bring peace and happiness by helping each other staying together in every situation. Please join us for this noble cause.

Thanks a lot every one for making this event successful.

Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something